The Party

JOIN US FOR Hudson’s annual RiverFest celebration on July 21 – 26.  The 2020 event will be expanded to include a wider range of activities designed to allow people of all ages to actively enjoy the Lower St. Croix River and all that it provides.  Several local organizations and individuals have collaborated to make “RiverFest – A Party with a Purpose” a success.  The six-day event celebrates the river while also recognizing the need to preserve its health and beauty.

The Purpose

THE ANNUAL RIVER CLEANUP is a core activity of the Hudson RiverFest. Community volunteers form teams (bags and gloves are provided) get out on the river collecting trash and working to help cleanup the river.  While the goal of RiverFest is to get people out to enjoy the river, the river cleanup is the “Purpose” for the celebration.

The Hudson RiverFest was born out of the St. Croix River Association’s River Awareness Week and with a goal building awareness of the St. Croix River.  RiverFest encourages people to enjoy, understand and preserve this national treasure that flows right past our community.

The RiverFest activities are planned to appeal to a variety of people. All of the activities share a common thread of building awareness of the river, our environment and education on the need to preserve our water quality.

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